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Bars and Clubs
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Restaurant Bar El Candil Mulegé – Local Cuisine & Sports Bar with Outdoor Seating

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Casa Mayoral Restaurant-Bar Mulegé – Exceptional Dining and Refreshing Cocktails

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Restaurant La Huerta Mulegé – Authentic Mexican Cuisine in a Scenic Outdoor Setting

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Renata’s Place Artesanias Mexicanas

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Welcome to Villas de Loma Azul! Unit #3 nice new…

Welcome to Villas de Loma Azul! Unit #2

Villas de Loma Azul is a beautiful new bungalow located…

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1. Q: Where is Mulege located in Baja California Sur?
A: Mulege is located on the east coast of the Baja California Peninsula, along the Sea of Cortez, in the state of Baja California Sur.

2. Q: What does the name Mulege mean?
A: The name Mulege comes from the Cochimi language and means “river that is hidden.”

3. Q: When was the mission in Mulege established?
A: The mission in Mulege, named Santa Rosalía de Mulegé, was established in 1705 by Jesuit missionaries.

4. Q: What was the purpose of the mission in Mulege?
A: The mission was established to convert and educate the local indigenous population, as well as serve as a center of agriculture and trade.

5. Q: What crops were produced by the mission in Mulege?
A: The mission produced crops such as wheat, corn, and beans, as well as raised livestock for food.

6. Q: What happened to Mulege after Mexico gained independence from Spain?
A: After Mexican independence in 1821, the mission system was dissolved, and Mulege fell into decline. It remained a small, remote outpost.

7. Q: How did tourism develop in Mulege?
A: Tourism started to develop in Mulege in the 1960s as people began to appreciate its natural beauty and tranquility.

8. Q: What makes Mulege a popular destination for travelers?
A: Mulege’s historic mission, along with its picturesque setting along the Sea of Cortez, makes it an attractive place for tourists seeking a quiet coastal getaway.

9. Q: What activities can visitors enjoy in Mulege?
A: Visitors to Mulege can enjoy activities such as fishing, kayaking, exploring historical sites, and experiencing the local culture and cuisine.

  • 10. Q: Is it easy to access Mulege?
    A: Mulege can be accessed by driving on Highway 1 from La Paz or Loreto, or by flying into the Mulege Airport.

Mulege Temperature Ranges

When planning a trip to Mulege, Mexico, it’s important to know what kind of weather to expect. The temperature ranges in Mulege can vary throughout

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